• 70 Child Slavery Survivors Receive Government Checks After Long Struggle in India

    For former slaves in India, the government’s provision of Rs.20,000 (approximately $333) makes a crucial difference for protecting themselves and their families from being re-enslaved. With these funds, they can buy some land, or livestock, or start up a small shop. It’s clear in the law that every individual officially released from bonded labor should […]

  • Congress Briefed on a Crime Against Children: Restavek Slavery in Haiti

    Religious and political figures gathered on Capitol Hill last week to raise awareness about one of the world’s most challenging child slavery problems: restavek slavery in Haiti. The Church World Service and The Episcopal Church, in cooperation with Congressman Chris Smith and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson organized the briefing to highlight the political, economic and ethical […]

  • Jason Mraz: The Power of Music in the Fight Against Slavery

    Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz headlined a historic concert last year for 70,000 fans to show the power of music at MTV Exit’s unprecedented anti-trafficking concert in Myanmar. You can now see part of Jason’s performance online: The Freedom Song. It has touched the hearts of thousands of people fighting to end slavery. “We’ve got some […]

  • Ginny Baumann, an Architect of Freedom, Departs Free the Slaves Staff

    FTS Associate Programs Director Ginny Baumann has never been one for the limelight. But she has always deserved it. She helped create Free the Slaves back in 2000 – a true co-founder. And over the past 13 years, Ginny has been the principal architect of the Free the Slaves community-oriented model for change. Ginny helped […]

  • New Video Highlights the Passion for Freedom Among Our Front Line Staff

    I’d like to introduce you to five of the most passionate people I know. They are the Free the Slaves country directors – our key front line activists. They supervise our organization’s fieldwork in the world’s worst slavery hotspots. Why do these courageous staffers risk their safety to confront slavery in the remote, impoverished communities […]

  • Changing Attitudes about Slavery in India

    Arriving at the low caste section of Muchkudi village in northern Karnataka, we were ushered into the meeting space in a tiny Hindu temple. About 60 of us were packed closely together, and the infant sitting beside me gently touched my arm, probably to see what this strange pale skin feels like. The large Hindu […]

  • 9-year-old Anti-Slavery Activist Rings Stock Exchange Bell as Twitter Goes Public

    There was a surprise open to trading today at the New York Stock Exchange. Observers had expected the founders and CEO of Twitter to ring the opening bell, which is stock market tradition when a major corporation marks the first day that its stock becomes available to the public. Instead, a young California girl named […]

  • Discovery TV Profiles Ghanaian Girl Slavery Survivor and FTS Frontline Partner

    The Discovery Channel is producing a series of short video segments highlighting barriers to education for girls and women in sub-Saharan Africa, specifically in the most underserved communities of Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. One of these segments will feature a former child slave in Ghana, Mabel, 15, who now can attend school after being rescued […]

  • From the Front Lines of Slavery: Supporting Sex Slavery Survivors

    Editor’s Note: This is the third of three dispatches we will feature this week written by Free the Slaves Executive Director Maurice Middleberg during his recent trip to India. DATELINE: Punarnawa Ashram, Purnea District, Bihar State, India The girls are so young – 8, 10, 12, 15. Many are small and slight. All are victims […]

  • From the Front Lines of Slavery: The Sound of Freedom

    Editor’s Note: This is the second of three dispatches we will feature this week written by Free the Slaves Executive Director Maurice Middleberg during his recent trip to India. DATELINE: Varanasi District, Uttar Pradesh State, India In the space of 24 hours we saw the transition from slavery to freedom. Our journey began with a […]

  • From the Front Lines of Slavery: Ishtiaq’s Rescue

    Editor’s Note: This is the first of three dispatches we will feature this week written by Free the Slaves Executive Director Maurice Middleberg during his recent trip to India. DATELINE: Majgama village, Araria District, Bihar State, India Ishtiaq Hasib was only 10 when the trafficker came. The man befriended the boy, and five of his […]

  • Lisa Kristine Honored as Humanitarian Photographer of the Year

    Congratulations to Lisa Kristine, who was honored last night at Carnegie Hall in New York as the 2013 Humanitarian Photographer of the Year! The awards are presented by the Lucie Foundation, honoring the world’s top photographers in a range of categories, including fashion, fine art, humanitarianism, photojournalism and documentary. “Lisa has gained broad recognition for […]

  • Brazil Activists Create Board Game to Fight Slavery

    Teachers in Brazil say the anti-slavery movement needs an infusion of fun to motivate children to think about trafficking. So, activists have created an imaginative and playful board game. It’s called Escravo, Nem Pensar! (“Slavery, No Way!”). To win, players have to eradicate slavery outbreaks, and the game requires children to cooperate rather than compete. […]

  • The Cookie Raid: Community Organizing Frees Teenage Slaves from Bakery

    It is a familiar story: a child taken, a family frantic for help. But for 24 families in northern India, this time the story has a happy ending. Our inspiring new video shows the boys being rescued, and how spreading information about trafficking and slavery leads to freedom. The families were struggling to free their […]

  • Slavery in Your Shopping Cart? New Website Helps You Know!

    Most Americans inadvertently finance trafficking and slavery through the products we buy every day – from cocoa and coffee to cars, computers, carpets, cell phones and clothing. A new website, launched today, helps consumers, investors, policymakers and companies learn what major corporations are doing about it. The KnowTheChain website evaluates 500 manufacturing and retail corporations […]

  • 12 Years a Slave: More than a History Lesson

    Millions of Americans will soon see the poignant story of a man who was ripped from his family in the 1800s and brutalized by a vicious slaveholder before finally breaking free. It’s important to remember that the events depicted in 12 Years a Slave are still happening today. Slavery didn’t end with the Civil War or the […]

  • 30 Million in Slavery Globally, FTS Frontline Countries Top the List, says New Study

    A new estimate of global slavery calculates that 29.8 million men, women and children are enslaved worldwide. The Global Slavery Index, released today by the Australian-based anti-trafficking group Walk Free, provides a first-of-its-kind country-by-country measure of the extent and risks of trafficking and slavery today. “Since hidden slaves can’t be counted, it is easy to pretend they […]

  • Robert Boneberg Rejoins Free the Slaves as Counsel and Senior Advisor

    Free the Slaves is proud to announce that Bob is back! Our former Board Chair Robert Boneberg has graciously volunteered to assist Free the Slaves in several key areas, including: Legal analysis to support our frontline country offices; Policy advocacy on business supply-chain transparency; Securing support from U.S. law firms for the work of Free […]

  • FTS Frontline Partner Receives 2013 World’s Children’s Prize

    FTS is proud to share the news that slavery survivor and Ghanaian frontline anti-slavery activist James Kofi Annan has been awarded the 2013 World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. The prize is determined by children who vote for one of three nominees. More than 2.2 million kids cast ballots from around the […]

  • International Day of the Girl — A Time to Remember Slavery’s Impact

    Today, people around the world are recognizing girls’ rights — and the challenges that girls face. It’s International Day of the Girl Child, an annual observance organized by the United Nations. President Obama has officially declared it to be International Day of the Girl in the U.S., calling on Americans to help advance equality and opportunity […]

  • 3 Remarkable Experts Join FTS Staff

    Free the Slaves is excited to welcome three new members to our senior management team. Lori Fitzmaurice, Fatou Toure and Sujata Bijou each bring fresh, insightful perspectives to the organization. We asked each of them to tell us a bit about their background, and the reason they’ve decided to join the fight against trafficking and […]

  • FTS Frontline Partner Activists in First Online Global Conference to Counter Child Trafficking

    The first ever Global Online Counter Child Trafficking Conference will take place October 16-18th, and two FTS frontline partners will be featured speakers, alongside many global experts about the latest anti-trafficking techniques and innovations. Based completely online, the conference aims to be the largest anti-trafficking gathering of the business, education, government, health care, law enforcement […]

  • Slavery Survivors Paint Messages of Hope to Slaves Still in Bondage

    They said is simply, and artistically: Freedom is possible. The artists were slavery survivors in northern India, members of the Federation of Former Slaves, organized by the Free the Slaves frontline partner group MSEMVS. Their mission was to create a gesture of solidarity and hope for those still enslaved. Both adults and children joined in. The […]

  • FTS Will Join Anti-slavery Community at “UNBOUND 2013″ in Washington

    Free the Slaves will be staffing an info table at the 5th annual UNBOUND event in Washington this weekend. The walk and rally provide a platform for organizations to unify the anti-slavery movement. The rally includes a walk around the Washington Monument, live music and speakers, and a fair with dozens of anti-trafficking organizations, including […]

  • FTS Helps Show the Way at International Strategy Session on Trafficking

    Free the Slaves staffers helped lead an important conference in Peru earlier this month to develop anti-trafficking strategies throughout the Americas. The two-day event was called “Strategic Coordination between Governments and Civil Society for the Integral Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Persons.” It’s a long title, but a simple mission: how can civil society […]

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