• 3 Remarkable Experts Join FTS Staff

    Free the Slaves is excited to welcome three new members to our senior management team. Lori Fitzmaurice, Fatou Toure and Sujata Bijou each bring fresh, insightful perspectives to the organization. We asked each of them to tell us a bit about their background, and the reason they’ve decided to join the fight against trafficking and […]

  • FTS Frontline Partner Activists in First Online Global Conference to Counter Child Trafficking

    The first ever Global Online Counter Child Trafficking Conference will take place October 16-18th, and two FTS frontline partners will be featured speakers, alongside many global experts about the latest anti-trafficking techniques and innovations. Based completely online, the conference aims to be the largest anti-trafficking gathering of the business, education, government, health care, law enforcement […]

  • Slavery Survivors Paint Messages of Hope to Slaves Still in Bondage

    They said is simply, and artistically: Freedom is possible. The artists were slavery survivors in northern India, members of the Federation of Former Slaves, organized by the Free the Slaves frontline partner group MSEMVS. Their mission was to create a gesture of solidarity and hope for those still enslaved. Both adults and children joined in. The […]

  • FTS Will Join Anti-slavery Community at “UNBOUND 2013″ in Washington

    Free the Slaves will be staffing an info table at the 5th annual UNBOUND event in Washington this weekend. The walk and rally provide a platform for organizations to unify the anti-slavery movement. The rally includes a walk around the Washington Monument, live music and speakers, and a fair with dozens of anti-trafficking organizations, including […]

  • FTS Helps Show the Way at International Strategy Session on Trafficking

    Free the Slaves staffers helped lead an important conference in Peru earlier this month to develop anti-trafficking strategies throughout the Americas. The two-day event was called “Strategic Coordination between Governments and Civil Society for the Integral Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Persons.” It’s a long title, but a simple mission: how can civil society […]

  • Volunteer 10 Minutes of Your Time to Make Free the Slaves Stronger

    Your ongoing support has helped Free the Slaves move people from slavery to freedom around the globe. I’m hoping that you might volunteer 10 minutes of your time to help us become even more effective. Your impressions about Free the Slaves are extraordinarily valuable. Your insights and guidance will help us become a stronger organization. […]

  • Taking a Stand on the Big Screen to End Slavery

    What do you get when you combine the world-class photography of Lisa Kristine, the innovative frontline anti-slavery projects of Free the Slaves, and a vivacious 9-year-old California girl who has decided she wants to help end child slavery? You get a powerful feature-length documentary to spread the message that slavery still exists but can be […]

  • Fighting Slavery with Trivia: College Students Raise Funds for FTS

    Question: with so many outlets for activism and fundraising, how can college students actually make a difference in the fight against modern day slavery? Answer: Trivia Night! That’s what Seth Nydam and Robert McKinnon Wilkes have been doing in Pullman, Washington – home of Washington State University. It started early this year, when Seth and […]

  • Indian Families Receive Land Rights to Break The Hold of Slavery

    It was the day that 25 families in Lakhminiya village in Bihar had dreamed about for decades. A breakthrough that would give them self-sufficiency, protecting them from trafficking. Their village used to be a haven for traffickers. But recently, these destitute, low caste families finally received the official hand-over of what is called “Bhudan land.” […]

  • FTS Urges New U.S. Ambassador to Eradicate Child Marriages

    Free the Slaves is excited to congratulate Catherine Russell on her new position as Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues. In a joint letter sent to Russell last week, FTS and other groups expressed our eagerness to work with her to bring an end to the global problem of child marriage. Child marriage affects millions of […]

  • New FTS Research Explores Child Slavery in Ghana Gold Mining

    Boys as young as 12 are working with dangerous chemicals to extract gold dust from ore. Girls as young as 10 are prostituted in mining camps and are pushed into relationships with older men. These deeply moving stories of children losing their childhoods and freedom to violence, hard labor, prostitution, and sexual abuse are some […]

  • Slavery Survivor Returns to School — As a Teacher

    As the school year begins, it’s important to recognize that teaching is a profession that often requires bravery. But one teacher in India, Daulati Kumari, brings a special kind of bravery to her classroom. Daulati escaped slavery only a few years ago, and now she teaches children in a Free the Slaves program in communities [...]

  • Ending Slavery Book Now Available in Finnish

    There are many words around the world for slaves and slavery. In Finland, the word is orjat. And it’s on the cover of the FTS book Ending Slavery, which is now available in Finnish. In Ending Slavery, FTS Co-founder Kevin Bales outlines what’s needed to eradicate slavery once and for all – with concrete steps [...]

  • New Members Join FTS Board as Long-Time Member Retires

    There is great news to share with you today. I am pleased to announce that three remarkable individuals will be joining Free the Slaves. Two have been elected to our board of directors, Gary Gold-Moritz and Gregory Haile. The third, Mark Allen Trozzi, will assist the board as an advisor. Gary Gold-Moritz has been the Chief [...]

  • FTS Provides Communications Empowerment Training in India

    They had never been in the media spotlight before, and no one was sure what would happen. Four slavery survivors would face journalists to say that it is time to take a stand against bonded labor slavery in northern India. It wasn’t the way news briefings are usually conducted. They are usually the province of [...]

  • FTS to Benefit from Twelve Years a Slave Audio Book

    If you haven’t heard about the story of Solomon Northup, you will hear about it soon. It’s about to become a major motion picture featuring Brad Pitt, Alfre Woodard, Paul Giamatti and Chiwetel Ejiofor. If you’re not the movie-going type, you can experience Northup’s spellbinding story on audio book, performed by actor and humanitarian Louis [...]

  • All for LOVE: Meet Do Something Awards Finalist Jillian Mourning [INTERVIEW]

    Jillian was only 19 when she became a victim of sex trafficking. Now her org, All We Want is LOVE (Liberation of Victims Everywhere) is up for $100,000 at the Do Something Awards.

  • A Political, Economic and Moral Call for Action: Companies Must Disclose Slavery in their Products

    A congressional briefing last Friday on Capitol Hill highlighted many reasons why American companies should be required to disclose if their products are manufactured by slaves or with slavery-tainted raw materials. “Government can help, without being in the knickers of business too much, to encourage transparency,” said Mark Lagon, who is an international affairs professor [...]

  • FTS Country Directors Brief U.S. State Dept.

    It isn’t often that all five FTS country directors are in the same place at the same time. But it happened last week in Washington, as our overseas staff briefed the U.S. State Department’s “J/TIP” anti-trafficking team. The presentation was called “Innovations on the Front Lines of Slavery.” The briefing began with DRC Country Director [...]

  • FTS Nepal Partner Wins Major Human Rights Award

    We’ve received wonderful news that one of our Nepali partners, Shakti Samuha, has just won a prestigious award for its anti-trafficking work. It’s called the Ramon Magsaysay Award, and it is presented annually for achievements that improve lives and transform societies. It’s considered by many to be Asia’s premier prize and highest honor. Shakti Samuha, an [...]

  • Judge Upholds Legality of Groundbreaking Method for Corporate Transparency on Slavery

    A U.S. federal court judge has rejected efforts by three leading business associations to block new rules that require American manufacturers to disclose if their products contain slavery-tainted minerals from central Africa. Judge Robert Wilkins of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia upheld the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) “Conflict Mineral Rule.” [...]

  • Fundraising and House Party Preparation Guide Now Online

    Here’s a question that people ask us all the time: What can I do myself, right now, to help end slavery? There’s a simple answer: host a house party to raise money for Free the Slaves. We have a new tool kit just for that. It’s featured on our website. We give you a rundown [...]

  • New FTS Research Reports on the Congo Now Online in French & English

    Two new FTS field investigations are now available on our website in both French and English. The two reports break new ground in understanding the scope and impact of slavery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Congo’s Mining Slaves provides new evidence of widespread slavery at mining sites in Congo’s South Kivu Province. Wives [...]

  • New FTS Field Research Exposé Documents Forced Marriage Slavery in the Congo

    There are few things more fundamental in life than marriage. It is the foundation of family. It provides legal and cultural structure for society. There is growing recognition, however, that for many women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC or Congo), marriage can be slavery. It can begin through abduction and [...]

  • New FTS Investigative Report Uncovers Widespread Slavery at Congo Mines

    Mining is a key source of export income for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC or Congo). Minerals such as tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold are shipped to industrialized nations for use in electronics, jewelry, manufacturing and many other industries. Congo’s mineral resources have the potential to help the nation’s economy expand and diversify. [...]

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