• What Are You Doing on New Year’s Eve?

    As 2014 comes to a close, I’d like to connect you to the courageous Free the Slaves country directors and the communities in which they are carrying out groundbreaking work. They are your personal ambassadors of liberation. They have dedicated their lives to empowering people to cross the bridge from slavery to freedom. On this […]

  • Your Support is Building Bridges from Slavery to Freedom

    Freeing slaves is about community. It’s about strengthening community resistance in slavery hot spots so that traffickers cannot prey on vulnerable children, women and men. And it’s about building a community of supporters among those of us who live with the blessing of liberty, and then building a bridge between those who need help and […]

  • Commitment to Fight Slavery Helps Brazil’s President Win Re-election

    Political candidates are often asked to take pledges to win votes. In the U.S., many candidates pledge to never raise taxes or to safeguard reproductive rights for women. In Brazil, our front-line partner organization has been asking politicians to promise that they’ll fight modern-day slavery. For Dilma Rousseff, taking the pledge was a winning commitment. […]

  • Fighting Slavery on the Radio

    How do you reach thousands of Ghanaian families to spread the word that child slavery is wrong and must be stopped? Get on the radio! That’s what our front-line partner group, Challenging Heights, has just begun to do. They’re broadcasting a live weekly program called Mbofra Banbo, which means “Child Protection.” “The program provides as […]

  • Make Freedom Viral With “Give-a-Gift & Get-a-Gift” Freedom E-Card Challenge

    Free the Slaves has a challenge for you during this holiday season, a unique opportunity to create a chain of giving that reaches across the globe: Give a Gift, Get a Gift. Make a donation to Free the Slaves today, and ask a friend to donate too. Together you will help us open the lock for thousands trapped in slavery. Here’s […]

  • Dance Troupe Helps Free Slaves

    Sowji Kilaru dropped by the Free the Slaves office recently to drop off a remarkable donation. She’s president of an organization to harness the creative potential of New Yorkers to make a difference in the world. We asked Sowji to tell us about her group: “We created Dancing  For A Difference with two different goals […]

  • New Congo Director Joins FTS team

    Free the Slaves is pleased to announce that Crispin Baderha is our new country director in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He’s already at work in Goma, leading our program to confront labor and sex slavery in mining communities, as well as forced marriage slavery in families. Crispin brings a wealth of experience in […]

  • Skip the Sweater, Give Freedom!

    The holiday gift season has begun. Another sweater? What size? What color? Stand in line? Find a parking spot? Make it easy. And make a difference. Give the gift of freedom instead. Give a gift that will help end slavery. It’s simple and can be done from your couch: 1. Choose an e-card that sends the message you want to […]

  • A Deeply Personal Thanksgiving Message from the Front Lines of Slavery

    As the Thanksgiving holiday draws near, I would like to share a very special video message from the Free the Slaves staffers across the globe whose work you support. They risk their safety every day to help vulnerable and exploited communities break free from the inhumanity and brutality of slavery. They’d like to say – in their own languages - how grateful they are for the donors […]

  • New Report Says 36 Million People Enslaved Worldwide

    New research from the group Walk Free and FTS Co-founder Kevin Bales estimates there are more people in slavery today than previously thought. The 2014 edition of the Walk Free Global Slavery Index reports that 35.8 million people are enslaved, a 23 percent increase from the team’s 2013 assessment. The team attributes the sharp increase […]

  • What You Should Know About Human Trafficking

    Editor’s Note: We thought you’d like to read a remarkable presentation by our Executive Director, Maurice Middleberg. Our thanks to St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Boca Raton, Florida for inviting Free the Slaves to spread the word about slavery today. October 30, 2014 Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Thank you so much for […]

  • Learn How to Become Part of the Solution with our New Fundraiser Guide

    We’re all touched by slavery today. It’s in our homes, schools, offices, churches and stores. That’s because many of the 21 to 30 million people in modern-day slavery make products that we use every day. You can help end it by fighting slavery at its source. A contribution to Free the Slaves will empower people […]

  • Teach Your Children About Slavery Today

    Most students learn in school that slavery ended more than a century ago. Of course, that isn’t true. Slavery was outlawed, not ended. Current estimates are that 21-30 million people are enslaved today, more slaves than at any time in human history. To provide teachers, pupils and parents with resources to teach and learn about […]

  • Haiti & Ghana Experts Showcase FTS Programs and Evaluation Techniques for USAID

    The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is working to integrate anti-trafficking efforts into America’s development projects around the globe. That’s because modern-day slavery can reduce the success of international development efforts. USAID officials in Washington turned to FTS this week to learn if our programs to combat child slavery in Haiti and Ghana might […]

  • Slavery Survivor Featured in FTS Film Creates New Foundation

    Great news from our friend Maria Suarez in Los Angeles. She’s launching her own foundation to prevent child slavery in the U.S. The Maria Suarez Foundation’s official launch celebration will be on Wednesday, October 22 at 6 p.m. at Burns Lounge, Fritz B. Burns Academic Center, 
Loyola Law School
, 919 Albany St.
, Los Angeles. RSVP […]

  • FTS Strategies & Successes Provide Models for Anti-Trafficking Movement

    Free the Slaves programs are doing more than helping people break free and stay free. They’re demonstrating that our community education and empowerment approach is a successful strategy to help vulnerable people resist and overcome the injustice and indignity of slavery. In that spirit, FTS Ghana & Haiti Program Manager Christy Gillmore spoke at the […]

  • Reflections on Slavery for Yom Kippur

    We were slaves of the Pharaoh We, as Jews, grow up with this phrase. The passage from slavery to freedom is at the very heart of our story as a Jewish people. Everything we are – our sense of shared community and common heritage – stems from breaking the chains of bondage. The rule of […]

  • California Takes Precedent-Setting Stand Against Bonded-Labor Slavery

    With millions of people on the move globally looking for jobs, especially from poorer countries to wealthier ones, it’s easy for traffickers to pose as legitimate labor recruiters. It’s a risk for international job seekers everywhere, including those coming to America. Many times, when a person arrives at a job site far away from home, […]

  • You Are the Key that Opens the Lock

    With your help, this year Free the Slaves will come within range of achieving a historic milestone for our organization: 10,000 people freed from slavery. In addition, this year we will support more than 45,000 people with education and empowerment programs. These initiatives help people in slavery and those at risk of enslavement understand and […]

  • Child Rights Training Helps Rescue Ghanaian Boy from Domestic Slavery

    It is a familiar situation in West Africa. A child is sent to live with a relative and made to take care of all household chores, leaving them no time or energy attend school. It happened to Seth Boateng two years ago. His father left the 16-year-old with an aunt, with no promise of return. […]

  • Free Event: Global Anti-trafficking Experts Speak Out at Stanford University

    The battle lines in the fight to conquer human trafficking span the globe, because modern-day slavery exists in every nation on earth. San Francisco Bay Area residents have an opportunity this Sunday to hear from distinguished front-line leaders who’ve been remarkably successful at combatting trafficking in several slavery hot spots — including Ghana, India, Nepal, […]

  • New Blog Chronicles Haitian’s Battle Against Child Slavery

    Guerda Constant has been the director of our partner organization in Haiti, Fondasyon Limye Lavi, since 2009. But her passion to defend vulnerable Haitian children and eradicate systems of slavery began long before that. Guerda has years of front line experience working with Haitian Street Children, Children in Bondage and other local and international nonprofits. […]

  • School Rescues Girl From Life in Slavery

    Sometimes the experience of one person tells the whole story. That’s certainly true in the case of Mabel, a former child slave in Ghana. A film crew from the Discovery Channel has just released a mini-documentary that tells Mabel’s inspiring journey from slavery to freedom. Mabel’s story is one of several Discovery Learning Alliance segments that will […]

  • How Education Conquers Child Slavery

    It’s back-to-school time for many Free the Slaves supporters. That means it’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on the importance of educating a child. I thought I should share with you the observations of our development director, Lori Fitzmaurice, from her recent trip to our front line anti-slavery program in mountain villages near Jacmel, Haiti. Free the […]

  • Entire Family Rescued from Brick Kiln Slavery in India

    It started with a simple loan to pay for a wedding. It turned into brutal enslavement for an entire family. It wound up as a triumphant victory over bondage, thanks to Free the Slaves and our front line partner group in India, MSEMVS. Five years ago, Jaswant borrowed $167 from a farm and factory owner […]

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