• FTS combats child slavery as World Day Against Child Labor raises global awareness

    Today marks the 12th annual World Day Against Child Labor,  started by the International Labor Organization (ILO) to highlight the plight of hundreds of millions of children engaged in work that deprives them of education, health, and basic rights. Many of these children are enslaved. This year, the ILO focuses on ensuring that children are [...]

  • New Podcast Explains How Slavery Winds Up in Your Life

    Our friends at Walk Free in Australia have just released a new audio podcast, featuring FTS Co-Founder Kevin Bales, to explain that we all have a stake in ending modern-day slavery. It’s called “Slavery is Not a Game.” The 30-minute discussion is a terrific primer on how slavery-tainted raw materials and finished products wind up [...]

  • A Thank You to End It Campaign

    We received terrific news today from our friends at the End It Movement, as they wrap up their campaign. From January 1 through April 9, young activists mobilized across the country to shine a light on modern-day slavery.  They raised awareness on a large scale and helped generate significant resources to support the anti-slavery movement.  [...]

  • FTS Urges Congressional Action to Bring Peace to Congo

    FTS has joined 11 other humanitarian and human rights organizations to urge congressional action on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), as security conditions threaten to worsen in volatile eastern sections of the country. “We are at a crucial time for the DRC,” the letter states. “With a new peace accord signed and rebel [...]

  • Investors Support SEC Conflict Mineral Rule as One-year Compliance Countdown Begins

    More than 40 sustainable, socially responsible, and faith-based investment groups, who manage over $450 billion in assets, are voicing support today for new requirements that U.S. companies disclose if their products contain “conflict minerals” from central Africa. One year from today, businesses must file their first disclosures with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) [...]

  • 16 Children Rescued From Fishing Slavery in Ghana

    Editor’s Note: Early this month, FTS frontline partner group Challenging Heights conducted one of their largest rescue missions ever, targeting 20 villages along 125 miles of shoreline on Lake Volta, looking for Ghanaian children reported to be enslaved on fishing boats. FTS Ghana Director Joha Braimah and Program Manager Christy Gillmore were with the team [...]

  • Brazil Marks 125 Years of Abolition with New Anti-Slavery Enforcement Tool

    May 13th is a special day in Brazil. It’s the date Brazilians celebrate the Abolition Act, which outlawed slavery here in 1888. This year marked the 125th anniversary. Of course, slavery still exists in Brazil even though it has been illegal for more than a century. That’s why officials in several Brazilian states picked this [...]

  • [Interview] Andrew Jenks Shares What He Learned From 'World of Jenks'

    We talked to Jenks about what he’s learned from Chad, D-Real and Kaylin while filming the show.

  • My First 100 Days: Charting a Path Forward for Free the Slaves

    Dear Friends, I recently completed my first 100 days as executive director of Free the Slaves. During my first weeks on the job, I spent most of my time reaching out to stakeholders: staff, board members, donors, peer organizations, policy makers and other FTS friends. These conversations have helped me develop a portrait of Free [...]

  • See It Live: Top Officials Talk Trafficking at White House Friday Morning

    Several U.S. cabinet secretaries will gather Friday morning at the White House for the annual meeting of the President’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. The meeting will be chaired by Secretary of State John Kerry, and will include Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen [...]

  • Your Donations Help a Former Slave to Free Others

    I’m writing to tell you about an extraordinary man and his remarkable legal clinic in India. The man is Roshan Lal. He was raised in a family of slaves. Now he is free and helping those still in slavery. Roshan’s clinic is a testament to his courage and dedication. It’s a small brick outpost surrounded [...]

  • Call for Kerry to Watchdog Trafficking Watch List

    Anticipation is building for the release of this year’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report from the U.S. State Department. The report has become an important diplomatic tool in the fight against modern-day slavery. Businesses also use the rankings to understand the risks of slavery connected to their supply chains. This year’s report will be the [...]

  • Slavery Survivor & FTS Freedom Award Winner Runs for Parliament in Pakistan

    Veero Kolhi is no stranger to adversity. She escaped single-handedly from slavery, and she’s helped hundreds of others overcome fear and intimidation to also break free. That’s why Free the Slaves honored Veero in 2009 with a Frederick Douglass Freedom Award. Tomorrow, Veero takes another inspiring step: she’s on the ballot for provincial parliament (Seat [...]

  • FTS Partner’s Trafficking Campaign Gets Emmy Nomination

    Great news from Hollywood this week: We’ve learned that the mtvU Against Our Will Campaign has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award! The campaign has been honored in the “New Approaches” category, in recognition of its innovative techniques to build awareness about trafficking among college students. Three leading anti-slavery organizations serve as partners and [...]

  • Learn how the labor recruiting industry leads to trafficking: Today 1 p.m. ET

    There’s a terrific online opportunity today at 1 p.m. ET to learn about the loosely regulated world of international labor recruiters, and what needs to be done to stop traffickers from posing as legitimate labor brokers. With millions of people on the move from poorer countries to wealthier ones, looking for a chance to build [...]

  • A Cool Gift for Your Cool Mom

    With Mother’s Day fast approaching, here’s a stylish way for your mom to show her love for children everywhere. We have partnered with the sustainable fashion company, Hearts, to create the Free the Slaves Key 2-in-1 necklace/bracelet. Inspired by the Free the Slaves padlock logo, jewelers designed a pewter key with the letters FTS, which can [...]

  • What Would You Do If You Spotted Slavery?

    One of our goals at FTS is to “mainstream” anti-slavery work. That means getting field workers for charities and development institutions, such as USAID and the United Nations, to recognize slavery when they see it, and take appropriate action. A recent article by FTS Associate Programs Director Ginny Baumann helps to do just that. Her [...]

  • Amazing Music Video Paints a Moving Picture of Sex Slavery

    Editor’s Note: Slavery survivor Timea Nagy now helps others escape enslavement on the streets of Canada. She is a recipient of a Free the Slaves Freedom Award for her heroic resilience and ongoing commitment to others. Her group, Walk with Me, has recently released a powerful music video, which we thought you should see. We [...]

  • Will You Shine a Light on Slavery Tomorrow?

    The End It campaign wants everyone to know that there are 27 million men, women and children living in the shadows. In brothels. In factories. In quarries. Working as slaves. In countries throughout the world, including the U.S. Their two-month awakening campaign has raised more than $175,000 to benefit anti-slavery groups, including Free the Slaves. [...]

  • Educating India’s Children to Avoid Slavery

    Trickery cuts a wide swath in India’s impoverished communities. People often leave home in search of work, and many find themselves being trafficked instead. FTS frontline partner MSEMVS aims to change that. And young people are at the heart of the strategy. The goal of the Trafficking Prevention Plan is to stop migration from becoming [...]

  • MTV Movie Awards' Best Hero Nominees Are Heroes IRL Too!

    From Snow White to the Hulk, check out how your fave heroes have made a difference off screen too!

  • Slavery in This Week’s News

    We see slavery and trafficking stories throughout the world each week. It’s great news that journalists and bloggers are exposing the problem of slavery, and examining solutions to it. Awareness creates momentum for change. Here are 10 top stories that caught our eye: 1. The Journal of Commerce. “EU Seeks Supply Chain Input on ‘Conflict [...]

  • Top Charity Rating for Free the Slaves Three Years in a Row

    It’s a three-peat! America’s premiere charity evaluation organization has given its highest designation to Free the Slaves for the third straight year. The four-star rating indicates that Free the Slaves “adheres to good governance and other best practices,” says Charity Navigator President and CEO Ken Berger, “and consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible [...]

  • Slavery in This Week’s News

    We see slavery and trafficking stories throughout the world each week. It’s great news that journalists and bloggers are exposing the problem of slavery, and examining solutions to it. Awareness creates momentum for change. Here are 10 top stories that caught our eye: 1. The New York Times. “Bill on Crime Against Women Passes in [...]

  • FTS expert visits Leigh University for U.N. slavery webcast

    Slavery is a global problem, but it can be overcome. It’s a simple but important message. And I was recently honored to deliver it at Lehigh University’s recent event on human trafficking and modern slavery. The presentation paralleled the 57th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, the world’s principal global [...]

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