• The Brave Collection: Sparking the Conversation Through Wearable Strength

    Submitted by Jessica Hendricks Yee | Founder of The Brave Collection

    Eight years ago I was a sophomore at NYU, majoring in, well, storytelling. I passed my days in drama classes, bopping around in leopard leggings and bright lipstick. I was challenged by Brechtian theory, and how to get the blue-eyed boy sitting next to me at the audition for the bubble gum commercial to look my way.

    I loved the education I was getting, yet a big fat question lingered in read more >

  • A Childhood Rescued from Slavery

    Like many children who fall into slavery, Mukhal’s story begins with tragedy. His father died three years ago, when he was 9, leaving his family in a precarious financial situation.

    Human traffickers are always on the lookout for this kind of vulnerability. One reached out to Mukhal’s mother, cheating her with false promises that he’d be okay if she accepted a small payment and allowed the boy to perform light labor in a factory.

    The trafficker took Mukhlal hundreds of miles from read more >

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