• Tips for Aspiring Abolitionists in the Making

    They’re young. They’re eager. They’re energetic. And they’re the future of the anti-slavery movement. Across America, college students are studying strategies for action in the global fight to eradicate human trafficking.

    I had the honor to speak to some of these students this month at Harvard University and Oberlin College. My theme: “communications as activism.”

    One of the first challenges for any human rights campaign is raising awareness that a problem exists. Free the Slaves has been at the forefront of a read more >

  • Make the Next President a Great Emancipator!

    We need your help to make modern slavery a presidential campaign issue. With tens of millions enslaved worldwide, it’s critical that the next U.S. president make fighting slavery a priority.

    Today, the anti-slavery movement is launching the Generation Freedom campaign. The goal: get Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to commit to spending $3 billion a year, if elected, to fight human trafficking inside the U.S. and around the world.

    That might seem like a lot. But read more >

  • Improving Anti-Trafficking Work in Conflict and Crisis Situations

    What if the response to a natural disaster in the U.S. looked like typical international relief efforts for crises overseas? How effective would it be?

    “Imagine trying to respond to Hurricane Katrina and having a French NGO, where most of the workers speak French and no English, coming in to try to coordinate the response effort,” says FTS Programs Director Karen Stauss. Yet, that’s what typically happens after typhoons and earthquakes in developing countries. “It’s that silly,” Stauss says. “It’s that read more >

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