• Fairtrade, Eco-Friendly, and Fighting Human Trafficking

    Submitted by Passion Lilie

    Passion Lilie is a fair trade and ecofriendly fashion brand whose mission is to empower artisans through dignified employment opportunities.

    This month, we are excited to collaborate with Free the Slaves, whose goals and values align with our own. During July, 10 percent of each purchase at Passion Lilie made with the code FREETHESLAVES will go to the capable hands of the Free the Slaves team and help combat human trafficking. 

    Like Free the Slaves, the Passion read more >

  • Debt-Free Weddings Fight Slavery in India

    Indian weddings are legendary – they are large, loud, colorful, and can last for days. Because it is such a big cultural occasion, families plan the biggest event possible. That expense is how marriage ceremonies can lead to slavery. Helping newlyweds and their parents reduce those costs is the newest frontier in fighting slavery in India.

    More than 60 percent of families turn to unscrupulous moneylenders to borrow funds for wedding ceremonies, according to the Free the Slaves front-line partner organization read more >

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