Survivor Poetry

The below videos feature Alicia Keys, P!nk and Jada Pinkett Smith as they voice thought-provoking poetry written by human trafficking survivors from Girls Educational and Mentoring Services. Watch the videos below, and take action to support girls who are dealing with commercial sexual exploitation here.


There are men out here,
That will tell you stuff you want to hear,
Make you feel like you have to do things back for them,
Like strip, street, and anything else to get his money.
They call you 'ho', 'slut', 'B*%!', and 'no good', 'good-for-nothing'.

Makes you feel worthless,
Makes you feel like you don't want
to get his money BUT YOU BETTER,
F*%! That.

I'm worth more than you,
I am smart. I am intelligent.
I am.
I am more than just pussy,
I love myself even if no one else does.

I Remember

I remember who I really am
The gentle and caring person that lives deep within
The one afraid to come out, for fear of being used again
I wonder when they day will come when I can let the "image" go
The day when I will no longer care if someone called me ‘hoe'
The day I can truly be me, and let my spirit free
So the world can see me for who I really am
The side of me that shines
The friendly and compassionate person I used to be
The choices I have made have shaped who I have become
Never will I regret anything I have ever done.

Look In My Eyes

Look in my eyes.
Tell me what they say.
De they tell you my future?
Or just about today?
Can you see the tears I cry?
Well what about the pain I hide?
Or is it you just don't care what's inside.
All anyone ever sees
is the fake me I have to be.
But if that's all you want to see
then you'll never know
The real me.

My Life

My life as a hustle, My life controlled by a young pimp,
My life as a preppy girl who would never turn tricks.
Eight months and three days later telling my Daddy,
How I wanted to go back home, knowing that,
Nobody there was gonna show me love.

So I changed my mind,
I landed to be the bottom-bitch
Boy I thought I was the shit.

Oh boy, Oh yes I was in love.
Every night on White Plains Road,
I made sure I got at least 20 johns for,
What, 10 minutes of soulful love.

I will never forget the slaps, kicks, and the punches
But my heart said, "Don't leave. He cares about you."

As time went to pass, I couldn't make any money.
This man broke my heart, because after the others left,
I was the only one to make him money.

But on my birthday, he had a new honey,
Hell yeah, she took my spot,
Got all the shoes, and clothes and bags with the money I got.

There's nothing else to say, he kicked me to the curb,
He called me "Hoe-ass-bitch"
And that was his last word.

Children of the Night?

"Children of the Night" is the term they used,
But that phrase alone is what left me confused.
To say t he least, we all have a sad story,
But the look in our eyes makes it pretty self-explanatory,
The beatings and rapes were a part of the job,
But the "glitter and gold" is what kept us involved.
The passion and drama make it hard as well.
Our eyes are too clouded to realize
We are walking the streets of hell,

The Pimps and the Tricks all wear a clever disguise,
But under those costumes hold many lost young lives.
Our education and morals stop growing completely,
But our breasts and our bodies seem to grow older weekly.
The tears and bruises we "charge to the game"
But the hollow hole we tried filling before, remains the same.


Once upon a time I found myself in trouble.
I came in the presence of a man who wanted CASH on the double.
I did what I was told I hit the corner feeling bold.

I was gassed up high thinking he was here to help me get by.
I had no idea what was in store but now I was labeled as a whore.
He told me everything I wanted and needed to hear...
And quickly days, weeks, months turned into years.
I walked night after night along the concrete,
Listening to my heels click on the floor searching
For another man to pay me some more.

I believed his stories, which turned into lies
He was a smooth talking master of disguise.
I was left with broken dreams… court date after court date
I started living this life at the age of sixteen.

Looking back now I see I was a victim of
Circumstance in this life on the streets.
My only advice for other girls is be careful who you meet.

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